Monday, 28 October 2013

Chapter 2: DISC and Ice Cream

Super Lamb is finally back!!! I was busy with all my exam stuff, and finally, I'm done! And we're learning something special today, linking DISC with Ice Cream!

What ice cream flavour do you like? Strawberry? Chocolate? Coffee? You have 10 flavours to choose from below according to a survey I took:
Cookie dough
Pralines and cream
Chocolate chip
Rainbow sherbet
Rocky road

The results of this survey are below.

If your favourite flavour is.........your likely personality style is...

Vanilla: D
Chocolate: I
Strawberry: C
Mint: D and C
Cookie dough: D
Pralines and cream: S

Coffee: C and S
Chocolate chip: I
Rainbow sherbet: C
Rocky road: D and S

Do you know that "D and C" is a blend? "C and S" and "D and S" are blends too! We'll find out more about blends in Chapter 3!

Written by: Super Lamb

Thursday, 3 October 2013

DISC Personality Test 1

Welcome back to the DISC blog! You may not have known what I was talking about yesterday, but it's alright - we have a personality test today! Then a few days later, I'll be posting more about the 4 personality styles. Now sit back and enjoy the test!

1. How do you want your room to be?
1) Nobody can come into your room
2) Your room is messy
3) People can come into your room
4) Your room is neat

2. You like...
1) Achievements
2) Public Recognition
3) Team Participation
4) Getting things Right

3. In a group, you will...
1) Dominate group discussions
2) Talk with the other members in your group
3) Do the task together
4) Do the task right

4. You are...
1) Adventurous
2) Trusting
3) Easy going
4) Respectful

5. You will...
1) Lead your group
2) Persuade your group
3) Follow through
4) Get the facts

6. Rules...
1) Need to be challenged
2) Make it boring
3) Make it safe
4) Make it fair

7. You are a good...
1) Delegator
2) Encourager
3) Listener
4) Analyzer

8. If you want to buy something you...
1) Will spend on want you want
2) Will just buy it
3) Will wait
4) Will do without it

9. You...
1) Are a risk taker
2) Are talkative
3) Dislike sudden changes
4) Are pratical

10. You are...
1) Independent
2) Creative
3) Steady
4) Accurate

Now, for the scores!

If most of your answers are 1, you are Determined
If most of your answers are 2, you are Influencing
If most of your answers are 3, you are Steady
If most of your answers are 4, you are Conscientious

Know your dominant style? I'll be posting about "DISC and Ice Cream" a few days later!

Written by: Super Lamb